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Our Story

Aqua Science LLC was founded on February 5, 2020, and is in Newark, DE.  Our staff brings over 40 years of experience in the water quality market in both the development and manufacture of custom reagents including our core technology, bioluminescent reagents. 

The staff has worked together for many years in the water quality and toxicity market and has learned the value of teamwork.  This gives us great strength by knowing and leaning on our “family” of colleagues to tap the knowledge and skills to deliver the highest quality products, sales and service in the market

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Water is the essence of life…our mission is to improve both by offering a global platform of technologies, fast and reliable solutions for the testing and treatment of water to provide peace of mind for our customers. Aqua Science is working diligently to meet the changing needs of our world, one test at a time.

We stand out for being

  • A minority business
  • We take Diversity seriously
  • We are an entrepreneurial, dynamic and varied team

We listen to the market

  • From universal reagents to the need for a toxicity testing instrument
  • Customers’ need to purchase both reagents and instruments from ONE source
  • Current instruments on the market do not meet customer needs

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What makes us different?

The highest quality of Aliivibrio Fischeri reagents in the world
The most advanced luminometer in the bioassay industry.
Affordable prices
highest quality reagents

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