BioLight Products Overview

Aqua Science offers the complete line of BioLight bioluminescent toxicity products, manufactured by a highly experienced staff under strict Quality Control guidelines. The BioLight freeze dried, bioluminescent reagent and consumables are used for testing acute chemical toxicity in a range of matrices. These reagents and consumables are available in both the BioLight Multi Test and BioLight Single Test to be used along with the BioLight Toxy all-in-one luminometer. The BioLight Toxy offers the dual versatility of a field portable unit and bench top unit in one

BioLight Toxy

BioLight Reagent and Solutions.

Toxicity Method using BioLight:

Aqua Science BioLight uses the marine bacterium AliiVibrio Fischeri which has bioluminescent properties found predominantly in symbiosis with various marine animals.   It is freeze-dried for extended life and stored frozen at -20 to -25 C. A single vial of reagent contains approximately one hundred million cells. BioLight Consumables are used along with the reagent to reconstitute, dilute and or osmotically adjust since the reagent is from a saltwater bacterium, it needs to be in a saltwater atmosphere.

Once the BioLight reagent is reconstituted it will elicit the brightest levels which is why there is a 15-minute wait time for equilibration before performing a test.    These light levels are measured prior to sample exposure and typically at 5 and 15 minutes after exposure.  Using the BioLight Toxy, the newest and most innovative luminometer in the market, the Toxy measures the changes in the light to indicate the levels of toxicity.  These light level changes are reported as EC50 or effective concentration 50%.

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Why test for Toxicity

With the overwhelming number of compounds that are required to be tested to assure water quality, toxicity testing offers a simpler and more rapid test for the prescreening and monitoring of water, soil, and sediment.

Use of rapid methods helps reduce the cost and time required for chemical safety evaluation. Toxicity testing generates data that is more useful for human health and ecosystem risk assessment while evaluating potential exposure overall.  The testing combination of the BioLight Reagents and consumables with the BioLight Toxy allows for screening of 3600 chemical compounds simultaneously.

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Why Biolight?

Toxicity testing using BioLight is repeatable and more precise than any other method. It is less expensive, easy to handle, results are objective, and less personnel are required. It is the safest way to protect the community and the environment.


  • Protect against accidental spills or intentional contamination.
  • Confirm the safety of the distribution water before releasing it to the public or into another body of water.
  • Adjust pretreatment to prevent highly toxic industry slugs from entering the plant, protecting the biobed.
  • Understand the process to prevent plant issues and compliance failures.
  • Early Warning.
  • Reduce and control pollutants coming into the plant from source water.


  • Drilling Muds
  • Emergency Response for rivers, lakes…
  • Mining: Wastewater & soil
  • Industrial Process Water and effluents
  • Soil Remediation
  • Storm Water Runoff
  • Sediments
  • Laboratory Services