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Toxicity monitoring methods using a bioluminescent bacterium (Aliivibrio fischeri) are convenient and are especially valuable when the identities of the toxic agents are unknown. The bacterium luminesces as part of its metabolism and is non-invasive, rapid, reproducible, and user-friendly. When exposed to a toxic substance, the cellular respiration of the bacteria is inhibited, reducing light output.  The change in the light is used to calculate percent inhibition which directly correlates to toxicity.

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BioLight is a custom set of bioluminescent bacteria reagents, consumables and the BioLight Toxy instrument used for acute toxicity testing in the lab or in the field.  Aliivibrio fischeri is the bacterium used in the production of BioLight freeze-dried reagents. The BioLight Toxy measures the changes in the light to indicate the levels of toxicity. Over 3600 chemical compounds are tested simultaneously.

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TOXKITS are used for research and toxicity monitoring for a variety of applications.  The test species and the test protocols are the same as in many standardized toxicity tests.Toxkits offer a broad range of aquatic and terrestrial ecotoxicity bioassays with freshwater, seawater, sediment organisms and higher plants according to several international standards and guidelines such as ISO, OECD, USEPA and ASTM.The dormant or immobilized test species can be stored for months and “activated” (= hatched, de-immobilized or germinated) at the time of the performance of the assays.

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water testing


Influent or raw water coming into a drinking water facility from a surface water source is an area of concern related to potential toxicity..  Source water is tested daily and for some parameters…..


Toxicity Testing of waste and industrial water often includes sampling from various points.  The types of waters handled by the facility will determine what is required for testing…..

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Sediment toxicity testing has become increasingly important for assessing the risk potential based on the levels of contamination in the sediment.The data is valuable in the assessment and remediation efforts of contaminated sites, research and monitoring…..


Universities and research labs are often tasked with projects that require or benefit from toxicity testing.  New chemicals, synergistic effects, water quality, stormwater run-off, and much more…..

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