Toxicity Analysis

Our highly trained Aqua Science employees include the preeminent experts in Aliivibrio fischeri production. This ensures we offer the highest quality option for toxicity reagents and consumables to this very specific market. In addition to our manufacturing of BioLight, we offer laboratory services.

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systemic toxicity testing

Seawater / Estuaries

Aqua Science can help from one step to managing a complete production process. We offer assistance with procurement, IQ, assembly, labeling, packaging, OQ, and shipping services.

Acute Chemical Toxicity Analysis Using AliiVibrio fischeri (BioLight)

Water facilities and industries that require toxicity testing often do not have a lab on-site. Sending samples out to a large, accredited lab for results needed for process control, pre-WET test screening, or other internal information may be costly and unnecessary. Aqua Science offers a range of test protocols that can be done quickly with their high-quality BioLight Reagents along with market trusted luminometers used to read and calculate the test results.


Multi-Species Toxicity Analysis using Microbiotests TOXkit

Microbiotests TOXkits allow for samples to be analyzed in a cost-effective manner using well-documented species typically found only in the long and expensive bioassays run in the lab. The test species and test protocols are the same as in may standardized toxicity tests. The dormant or immobilized test species can be stored for months and “activated” (hatched, de-immobilized, or germinated) at the time of the performances assays.